About Us

The Injury Observatory for Britain and Ireland (IOBI) has been established through a collaboration between a number of public health and academic institutions.

The purpose of the thematic injury observatory is to support injury prevention practitioners working on the prevention of injuries caused by accidents, violence or self harm, by making important and relevant information and tools available in one site, including:

  • Analyses of trend in injury deaths, hospital admissions and injury occurrence across countries and regions
  • Policy support for prevention – abstracts and links to policies and strategies which support injury prevention
  • Evidence base for prevention – abstracts and links to systematic reviews of what works in preventing injuries and summaries, guidance and briefings on evidence.
  • Access to practical prevention tools – e.g. the on-line SAFEHOME
  • Latest injury prevention news – through access to various electronic newsletters and a news section.
  • Information on conferences and events

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