Analysis of Inpatient Admissions Data for Serious Injury (2011)

The following analysis compares the incidence of serious injury in the five IOBI countries and nine English regions by comparing emergency hospital admissions for serious injury in 2011. By focusing on serious injuries – injuries that are very likely to be admitted to hospital – we can minimise differences in hospital admission thresholds and produce more comparable international data for the incidence of serious injury. Furthermore, serious injuries are associated with greater risk of mortality, disability and increased costs.

The background, method and key findings are summarised in the slides below. The data and charts can be found in the spreadsheet below. The data include the number, rate and age-standardised rate of emergency hospital admissions by age, sex, cause/intent and country/region.

Note that this preliminary analysis of 2011 data is not comparable with our previous analysis of 2006/07 hospital admissions for serious injury because we used a different method and a different standard population to calculate the age-standardised rates.


Analysis Specification

Powerpoint slides

Excel data

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