Road Safety: Other Useful Links


A2BSafely is an educational resource which has been designed by Road safety Scotland, to provide young people with additional support needs, a safe place to explore the road environment.

A77 Safety Group
A group which is committed to reducing the casualty record on the A77 to the benefit of all road users and the communities which the road serves.

A Stone’s Throw, Highways Agency
A teaching pack to help children understand the dangers of dropping objects on to the motorway.

Association of British Drivers
Aims to provide active, responsible voice to lobby for the beleaguered British car driver and motorcyclist.

Association of Industrial Road Safety Officers (AIRSO)
A UK charity working for safety on the road.

Association of National Driver Improvement Providers
A driver improvement scheme available throughout England, Scotland and Wales.

Arrive Alive
A website dedicated to influencing young peoples’ attitude towards learning to drive and passing the driving test.

Arrive Safe
A site dedicated to promoting road safety and awareness amongst road users and pedestrians.

Bexley Road Safety Action Group
An action group of young people responsible for the London-wide road safety campaign.

Bicycle Helmet Initiative Trust
An organisation is committed to promoting safe cycling through greater use of cycle helmets.

An initiative run by Police Forces around the UK who work with the biking world to help to lower the number of motorcycle rider casualties.

A national road safety charity which promotes safe use of roads by addressing the skills and attitudes of road users, enforcement of traffic rules and appropriate punishment and education or road users who break the law.

British Red Cross
The Don’t be a Bystander campaign aims to encourage young people and their parents to get informed about road safety and learn first aid skills.

Canada Safety Council (Traffic)
A national charity whose mission is to lead in the national effort to reduce preventable deaths, injuries and economic loss in public and private places throughout Canada.

Carrying other people’s children safely – RoSPA
This resource provides information for parents, road safety professionals or practitioners to ensure child seat belt laws are promoted and adhered when transporting other people’s children in a car, taxi, coach or bus.

Child Accident Prevention Trust
A national charity in the United Kingdom committed to reducing the number of children and young people killed, disabled and seriously injured as a result of accidents.

Child Car seats
A comprehensive guide to child car seats which includes details of local car seat checking services.

Children’s Traffic Club
A child accident prevention programme which focuses on road safety. This website is aimed at children, parents and professionals and was launched to reduce the large number of children injured on Scotland’s roads every year.

Community Transport Association
A UK-wide member organisation that promotes excellence in community transport.

Cooperative Crash Study
A study of car occupant injury causation sponsored by the Department for Transport and industry.

CARE (Community Road Accident Database)
A database on road accidents resulting in death or injury throughout European roads.

Confederation of Passenger Transport (CPT)
A consultative body for the road passenger transport industry in the UK particularly on national, local and EU legislative and regulatory matters.

Crash Tests (European New Car Assessment Programme)
Euro NCAP provides motoring consumers with a realistic and independent assessment of the safety performance of some of the most popular cars sold in Europe.

Department for Transport
A government website for transport information including road and rail safety.

A website which contains public service information from the UK Government on motoring.

Disabled Persons Transport Advisory Committee (DPTAC)
An independent body providing to advise Government on the transport needs of all disabled people across the UK.

Diesel Spills Kills
A campaign to reduce or eliminate diesel spills because of the danger these cause to motorcyclists.

Driving for Work: Vehicle Technology
Guidelines issued by RoSPA for employers to ensure technology in company vehicles is used to improve safety and not to put drivers in danger.

Driving Standards Agency (DSA)
The DSA aims to promote road safety through improving driving standards. The organisation conducts driving tests in Great Britain for all vehicles and maintains a register of car driving instructors and checks standards of tuition.

European Consumer Safety Association (ECOSA)
ECOSA is concerned about safety in all settings and risk areas. Its European Child Safety Alliance is dedicated to the prevention of injuries in many settings including those caused by road accidents.

European New Car Assessment Programme (Euro NCAP)
Euro NCAP provides motoring consumers an independent assessment of the safety performance of some of the most popular cars sold in Europe.

European Transport Safety Council (ETSC)
An independent non-profit making organisation dedicated to the reduction of the number and severity of transport crash injuries in Europe.

Global Road Safety Partnership (GRSP)
A global collaboration between business, civil society and governmental organizations to improve road safety conditions around the world.

An interactive website for children in all areas of road safety.

Helping L drivers
Created by RoSPA a website to help parents and guardians to ensure that their children who are learning to drive get the most benefit from their learning period. It also offers help and advice for parents with learner motorcyclists

Highways Agency
An organisation dedicated to looking after England’s motorways and trunk roads.

Highway Code
The Highway Code online.

Home Zones
A central forum and information point for Home zones.

I Promise Program
A program which is designed to assist parents reduce the risk of their son or daughter’s involvement in a crash.

Institute of Advanced Motorists
A charity aiming to improve the standard of driving and riding on the UK roads and advancement of road safety.

Institute of Alcohol Studies
Aims to increase the understanding of alcohol and of public policies necessary to reduce the problems associated with its use. The website includes a publication about drinking and driving and the effect of alcohol on drivers.

Institute of Road Safety Officers (IRSO)
Serves to provide a central organisation for all persons actively engaged in the promotion of Road Safety.

Institute for Road Safety Research (Netherlands)
The centre point for road safety research in the Netherlands.

Institute of Traffic Accident Investigators
A charity which promotes provides a forum for communication, education, representation and regulation in the field of traffic accident investigation to enhance expertise.

Institution of Highways and Transportation
A UK society concerned specifically with the design, construction, maintenance and operation of sustainable transport systems and infrastructure. They aim to stimulate debate on transportation issues, improve policy formulation and encourage best practice in the industry.

International Road Traffic Accident Database (IRTAD)
For data on road and traffic accidents to provide internationally statistics for assessment of national developments in the area of traffic safety.

Junior Road Safety Officer
This website contains information on the Junior Road Safety Officer initiative.

Junior Road Saftey Officer website for Wales
For informationabout the role of the Junior Road Safety Officer along with advice to help you make everyone aware of dangers on the road.

A website is primarily for use by Kerbcraft Co-ordinators, who are implementing the pedestrian training in schools. It demonstrates how an effective child pedestrian training scheme can be established and sustained.

A campaign for compulsory tuition for every newly qualified driver.

Learn and Live
A pressure group committed to improving road safety trough safe driving tuition, particularly among young and inexperienced drivers and their passengers.

Living Streets
An organisation working on practical projects to create safe, vibrant and healthy streets for all.

Local Authority Road Safety Officers Association (LARSO)
A national road safety organisation that represents Road Safety Officers employed in local government across the UK.

Occupational Road Safety Alliance (ORSA)
An organisation which represents the key stakeholders in road safety and occupational safety.

Mini motorbike Safety – RoSPA
Information for parents who are considering buying a powered ‘toy’ for their children such as mini motorbikes, go-peds, monkey bikes, quad bikes and similar off road vehicles. The document offers simple advice and outlines factors to take into consideration before, during and after purchase.

[link: Mobiles guidelines
Published by THINK! a briefing note regarding legislation relating to the use of mobiles and drivers.

Motor vehicle hazard Archives
Produced by the Northeastern University School of Law, this website contains document collections tracing the law’s growing influence on injury control.
Safer Routes to School
Sustrans aims to create a Safe Route to School for every child in the UK. This transport charity works on projects to encourage people to walk, cycle and use public transport for health, safety and environmental reasons.

National Safety Cameras
Information about the effectiveness of safety cameras and details of safety camera schemes your their local areas.

National Safety Council (Ireland)
Promotes Road Safety and Fire Safety in Ireland and implements education programmes, media campaigns and community activities to positively influence public attitude and behaviour in relation to Road and Fire Safety issues.

Neighbourhood Road Safety Initiative (NRSI)
A governments funded road safety project to find fresh and innovative ways to reduce road casualties, particularly those involving children.

NO Accident
A road safety education website for 14 –18 year olds.

PACTS online (Parliamentary Advisory Council for Transport Safety)
A charity which brings together safety professionals and legislators to identify research-based solutions to transport safety problems having regard to cost, effectiveness, achievability and acceptability.

Plus Pass
A scheme backed by the Government’s Driving Standards Agency and insurers to encourage newly qualified drivers to become better drivers.

Highway Code information written for young road users.

RoadPeace (Victim Support)
A UK national charity dedicated to supporting bereaved and injured road crash victims

Road Operators’ Safety Council (ROSCO)
An organisation working to prevent accidents on the road and promote road safety.

A partnership of leading companies in the motor and transport industries in Britain, the Government and road safety professionals, who aim to reduce deaths and injuries caused by road accidents and promote safer road use.

RoadSafety – ‘Together we can make a difference’
A road safety publicity and marketing strategy which aims to raise awareness of issues relating to road casualty reduction.

Road Safety Council of Wales
The Road Safety Council of Wales co-ordinates, stimulates and promotes road safety education, training and publicity throughout aiming to reduce accidents and the severity of injury to all road user groups.

Road Safety Council of Northern Ireland
Road Safety Council of Northern Ireland works to see a continuous reduction in the incidence of death and serious injuries sustained by Northern Ireland road users.

Road Safety Observatory
A Road Safety Observatory offers access to independent road safety research and information for anyone working in road safety and for members of the public. It provides summaries and reviews of research on a wide range of road safety issues, along with links to original road safety research reports

Road Safety Scotland
An organisation which develops and co-odinates Scotland-wide road safety initiatives and campaigns working closely with all local authority and police road safety units..

The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA)
RoSPA’s Road Safety Department raises awareness about the causes of road accidents and promotes measures to help prevent them or reduce their severity. They provide information, education, training and publicity resources and services for road users and road safety professionals.

Safe Routes to School
A transport charity working to encourage people to walk, cycle and use public transport for health, safety and environmental reasons. They aim to create a Safe Route to School for every child in the UK.

facts and figures to support school travel Initiatives: information for parents and schools
A snapshot picture of travel behaviour and associated issues in Scotland. This document produced by Sustrans is aimed at people either planning to or already managing school travel plans.

Scottish Accident Prevention Council (SAPC)
The council’s aim is to co-ordinate and stimulate accident prevention in all facets of daily life, this includes road safety.

The Scottish Occupational Road Safety Alliance (ScORSA)
The Scottish Occupational Road Safety Alliance (ScORSA) website – – is a unique initiative to help smaller firms tackle one of the most dangerous activities undertaken by Scottish workers: driving.

Slower Speeds Initiative
An campaign which aims to highlight the impacts of speed through sound research and effective advocacy.

Support and Care After Road Death and Injury (SCARD)
A charity which offers support to people affected by road death and injury.

Sustainable School Travel Database
A DfT database of classroom materials relating to sustainable travel. The database is a catalogue of information on teaching and other relevant resources relating to encouraging greater use of walking, cycling, public transport and car sharing for school journeys.

Sustrans is a transport charity, working on practical projects so people can choose to travel in ways that benefit their health and the environment.

The Centre for Disease Control and Prevention
The Centre for Disease Control and Prevention is a public health agency – working to ensure healthy people in a healthy world.

The Institute of Traffic Accident Investigators
A charity which provides a forum for communication, education, representation and regulation in the field of traffic accident investigation.

Road Safety advice to keep everyone safer on the UK’s roads.

Transport 2000
An independent national body concerned with sustainable transport and aims to reduce the environmental and social impact of transport by encouraging less use of cars and more use of public transport, walking and cycling.

Transport for London (TfL)
TfL is committed to improving road safety through changing street layouts, improving enforcement and implementing education and training campaigns to change road user behaviour.

Transport Research Laboratory (TRL)
TRL provides independent and impartial research, consultancy, advice and testing for all aspects of transport.

Vehicle and Operator Services Agency (VOSA)
Motorists can search for all makes and models of vehicles which pose a safety risk and have been recalled which on this searchable up-to-date database.

Vehicle Safety Research Centre (VSRC)
Part of Loughborough University, the VSCR conducts research into the causes of accidents and injuries in real world crashes and has made major contributions to European road and vehicle safety.

Walk to School
A site providing all the latest news, downloadable resources and campaigning tools for the Walk to School Campaign.

West of Scotland Road Safety Forum
A guide to road safety in the West of Scotland for children and adults.

World Health Organisation Helmet Initiative
An initiative which promotes the use of helmets as a strategy for preventing head injuries caused by bicycle or motorcycle crash or fall.

WHO Road Trafffic Injuires
A website launched by the World Health Organisation (WHO).